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Thrush! 80% of women know what its like to suffer from.

When choosing your lubricant always make sure you are aware of the contents before purchasing. If you are sensitive then you should always stick with the all natural ones such as System Jo Agape.


Secret Women's Business below..Guys you may want to stop reading.

Thrush...Its not something we like to talk about..  BUT .. 80% of women have dealt with the annoying sometimes painful complaint at one time or another.

If you suffer from Thrush every now and again the best thing to do is use a water-based lubes without glycerin.

Any lube that contains glycerin (a surprising amount, when you start looking at the ingredients) should be avoided. Thrust is a yeast infection often powered by too much Candida albicans in your vagina. It's unpleasant and has been known to drive people to hermit themselves for a few days before the urge to itch their own vagina's has subsided. Glycerin feeds Candida albicans and helps it thrive. Ergo, don't shove loads of thrush food up yourself, no matter how nice and slippery it feels, OK?

Come into the shop and talk to one of our trained staff and allow them to show you whats available .. We have your back ladies and your Va JJ..

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