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Masturbation.....What’s not to love about it as you know exactly how and where to please yourself and if you don’t you should start exploring and experimenting with your body and a couple of your favourite toys and if you don’t have any you might want to start shopping. We definitely have a full range of toys.

You may be surprised that there is a high number of women that prefer masturbation to sex. Personally, I love both and it would be hard for me to say that I love one more than the other but I believe it comes down to what you need at any given time.

When it comes to masturbating using your hands and fingers is fine and you can do a lot with them and reach the magic O as well without issue but, when it comes to really enjoying yourself by yourself there is nothing quite like having a little helping hand in the way of toys, dildos and vibrators are unreal, of course I would think so I have a treasure chest filled with these toys from the heavens that I use on a very regular basis alone and with my lover.

When I am home alone and have the urge, desire or sheer hankering to get a release I’m going to get out one or two toys and have a bit of a play until I achieve what I am needing. Enjoying and playing with my body internally and externally, sometimes I may use visual aids like a movies or even pictures whilst I’m alone without a care in the world as this can do so much for your body and mind.

This is the ultimate time to really take the time and feel your body and feel mentally what your body wants, needs and best of all feels like. So find this time out of your busy life and be a little selfish and discover what you enjoy. Touch and feel your body everywhere, not just the good bits that we all know and love really get in touch with your skin, you may be pleasantly surprised and may find other erogenous zones that you didn’t know that you had.

If you are alone you can play in any room that you feel comfortable in, be it your bedroom, bathroom or living areas. Just make sure you are comfortable and relaxed and have the knowledge that no-one could possibly walk in on you whilst you’re having some fun.

Another perfect time to really get to feel at one with your body sexually is whilst you are in the shower or bath. This is a great time to really explore your body, you may not think about it as you do it every day, but there is something very sexual about washing your body. The soapy suds on your sponge that you lather all over your body or the scented bubble bath in delicious hot water. Taking a toy with you has become increasingly more available as the range of waterproof adult toys has increased dramatically.

There of course are times when you just want, need or can only have a quick fix and there is nothing wrong with that at all. I always find grabbing a trusty bullet vibe and going for broke on my clitoris with the right naughty thoughts in my head and I can get myself off pretty quickly.

We all have to remember that masturbation is not only about sex and sexual desires it is also about learning to know and love our bodies inside and out. It can of course provide us with sexual gratification and satisfaction but it can also relieve tension and stress that we all have in our very busy lives.

Here are a couple of things to have in mind when you are about to open up your world to complete self-pleasure:

  • Make sure you are in a comfortable position/s
  • Feel good about your surroundings
  • Take your time and enjoy yourself
  • Make sure you aren’t going to be interrupted
  • Use your imagination, fantasize your mind can become a sexual fortress of sexual pleasures
  • Once you find one thing you really like don’t stop exploring or you could find yourself in a masturbation rut, mix it up and try new things
  • Experiment with lubricants of any kind without forgetting that  there is a lot of fun to be had with warming , cooling and stimulating  lubes
  • You may have a vagina or penis but do you know all there is to know about it?! Learn everything about your body, give yourself an anatomy lesson.
  • Do it for yourself

Knowing your body and what you enjoy can be an apparition in itself but when you are with a lover and you can assist them in pleasing you it’s nothing short of ecstasy.

Enjoy, have fun and stay safe.